Key Message Mapping — The Magic of 3

Finding your “Master Message”

First of all you need to be clear about your Master Message. This is the “one big thing” you want to get across to your audience. You should also be able to express it in a single sentence and ideally without any commas or phrases in parenthesis. Master Messages, need to be simple and straight forward and should avoid conditional clauses of “grey words” — words which reflect vague position, thoughts and feelings.

The beauty of three — Trident Messages to make your point

Once you have your Master Message, we need to work out what we call the supporting Trident Messages. The name Trident Messages comes about as there are always three points to be made — like the three points on a trident spear. The Trident Messages support the Master Message by putting more flesh on the overall statement. The Trident messages are:

  1. Xxx takes action for ….
  2. Xxx is trustworthy and can help
  3. Xxx will ensure…

Killer Facts

The next feature we need for each Trident Message are some Killer Facts. Killer Facts are the nuggets of information or data that prove the points of your Trident Messages. Ideally, Killer Facts should be simple information, statistics or user cases.

Master Message: -

Users will be better off with Xxx Company

Trident Messages coupled with Killer Facts: -

There are three main reasons why businesses will be better off with Xxx Company



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Sabine Raabe

Sabine Raabe

I help leaders craft their stories to #communicate and connect better. Think thought leadership, professional branding and reputation management.