5 Myths of Public Relations

It’s expensive

From agencies to freelancers, the cost of PR depends on who you hire. PR is much less expensive than advertising and the benefits can be much more substantial. One good media placement can lead to a substantial increase in sales and company growth. If you hire the right PR agency, the money you spend will secure you key media coverage with the kinds of outlets that bring value to your business. Any amount spent on marketing is too much if it doesn’t work, but effective public relations is priceless.

PR stands for Press Release

The acronym PR stands for public relations. A press release, although a good start, will not do all the work that a well-planned public relations strategy will do. There is much more to public relations than just a news release. If you are still waiting for the media to pick up your press release, you need PR.

We have no story

Work with a PR that understands how to create stories around your business that build into a growing and complete picture of your brand. Today’s trend in PR and marketing is for ‘thought leadership’, meaning you can gain valuable exposure with intelligent and relevant industry commentary. For breaking news, journalists often need an expert to comment in real time via a phone interview, video-conference, live video interview, Tweet, email or IM.

We don’t know where to start

Public Relations does what it says on the tin- we build relationships. Although relationships with the media have always been an important part of our work, with shrinking newsrooms, bloggers and social networks have become the outlets where people follow the news. Even the media use social to share breaking details on stories.

PR is not for my business

Unless you are set on being in stealth mode, there is obvious benefit from getting your business in the media spotlight. It can raise consumer awareness, drive sales, increase brand credibility, attract investors, lead to partnerships, secure retailers, create speaking engagements and so much more.



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